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As a service provider committed to excellent service, we understand gaining a new client is just the beginning of a commitment driven relationship. We recognize and appreciate the trust that clients extend to us; and in turn, we make every effort to demonstrate why that trust is well placed. We strive to not just meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations in all that we do.

We offer advanced technology solutions, streamlined business processes and highly skilled people, resulting in an excellent service designed to achieve measurable cost reduction, efficiencies and improved quality. Accomplishing these feats is no accident. It’s the result of our skills, experience and consistency in arriving at solutions that really work. When choosing to work with Neotech, our clients can be rest assured that we will perform quality work, honor all time and cost commitments, and uphold the highest ethical and moral standards in all of our business practices.

We are strongly committed to ensuring the protection of your business intelligence and IT assets. While we handle your projects, we assemble insulated teams that are under strict non-disclosure terms and are prohibited to discuss or quote any details about the project to any outsider.
  Some of our company’s credentials include:
  • Well-established, 14 year old company with excellent track record in offering electronics product design, systems software and business application development services.

  • Founded and managed by a highly experienced technical team with strong entrepreneurial skills.

  • Privately held California ‘C’ corporation with no outside funding and no liabilities.

  • Profitable since its 1995 inception through best business process management and strong marketing.

  • Provides end-to-end total service packages, including design, development, marketing, PLM support, and tech support (help desk) services.

  • Has delivered more than $30 million in software services within the United States.

  • Employed close to 100 software engineers, and currently adopting to the market need for a resource on-demand model.

  • Has served more than 200 clients, including high tech companies, several Fortune 500 companies, and state and federal government agencies.

  • Emphasis on excellent client relationship management through responsive customer support.

  • Emphasis on client retention, and boasts a high percentage of repeat business through quality of service and continued value offering.

  • Strong industry partnership with suppliers and independent consultants to form customized project teams.

  • Strategic alliance with leading Fortune 500 technology companies to offer domain specific specialized services.

  • Registered with many federal and state agencies, and GSA approved as the preferred vendor to provide IT services as SMB unit.

  • Maintains rich library of proprietary hardware, software modules, and utilities.

  • Excellent marketing reach to offer our partner’s products as Value Added Resellers (VAR) and as Systems Integrators.

  • Offer SLA, QoS guarantees and maintains insurance to cover any unforeseen risks.

  • Simple pricing and transparent management; embraces joint management to better deliver.

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