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Engagement Model
Our service offering methods are focused on our client’s needs. We understand the unique requirements of each of our clients and provide them with customized solutions that contribute to their business growth. For us, the true measure of our success is our customer’s success and their endorsement of our services.

Our client engagement begins with us providing all the information that our prospective clients need in order to budget, evaluate, and compare different proposals from different vendors in an open manner without unwanted sales pressure from our side.

All of Neotech’s services are designed to suit the client’s unique needs and budgetary constraints, either as “time and materials services” or as “fixed cost turnkey services”, depending upon the situation.

We offer forward-looking flexible service engagement models. Each of these engagement models has unique advantages and its own process steps that are geared to provide our clients with a high level of transparency and control.

     Our clients can select any of our following engagement models or a combination of them to make their experience in  
     using our services rewarding and worthwhile:


Time and Material (T&M) Billing


On-Site Professional Services  

    We can help our clients to bring onboard top notch professionals to augment their human resources for limited or extended periods, with the flexibility of choosing the team size throughout the duration of the project. We can provide a single consultant to a full team  of professionals.

Fixed Price Projects

    For a well defined project with detailed design requirements, we offer fixed price or per project quotes.

Neotech   Extended Off-Shore Team 

If on-site staffing or time and materials services are out of budget, we can dedicate a small team of full time employees to work out of our offshore center as an extension to your local team. This model is ideal for clients who are looking to minimize the chores of outsourcing. With the team comes free communication lines and direct team management tools. 

Neotech   Staffing Service

To maximize your control of project and HR management, we offer staff augmentation services, including:
     On-Site Contract Staffing

      Temporary to Permanent Hire

      Permanent Direct Hire

Neotech   Dedicated or Captive BPO Services

Under this model, we exclusively dedicate part or all of our BPO facility and team to your requirements. No matter the size of your project, we can focus exclusively on your process needs and optimize all operations to better serve your company and your customers. This model is best suited to clients who have a long-term plan for BPO, and want to try outsourcing before they build their own internal operations. 

Neotech   Build operate and transfer

Similar to the dedicated or captive BPO services, this model provides some additional control, including BPO operation cost structures, profit and loss projections, and transparent management. This model is ideal for clients who are considering developing an offshore BPO unit.

Neotech   Joint Ventures

Allow Neotech to be your partner in managing your offshore BPO operations. We are open to invest in and develop BPO units as a joint venture effort. The possibilities of joint venturing can be beyond the BPO services as well, such as manufacturing, marketing products in developing economic zones, etc. Contact us for more information on how we can partner together.

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