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Project Methodology

We work with our customers, often on-site, to understand and respond to their requirements. Turnkey projects start with initial concept discussions, followed by functional design specifications, software design specifications, product development, acceptance tests and finally, user training.


There are many ways to undertake an assignment, but only one way to start; by listening to you. That's why, before making any recommendations, we spend a good deal of one on one time to understand your organization's goals and objectives. We find out of the details of the environment you operate in, and what challenges and opportunities you face. In short, we immerse ourselves in your operation so that we can conjure up the very best solution for your organization.


 We employ a multi-disciplinary approach for each project, taking full advantage of the cumulative knowledge and experience of our entire staff.



By applying proven techniques to all of our projects, we can quickly respond to a variety of customer needs. And although each project is unique, we follow a pre-prescribed procedure that can be measured for quality and accuracy. In addition to producing reliably high quality results, this process saves you time and money.


Neotech’s software engineers create programs that are more than technological wonders. They are reliable, cost-effective, and easy to use and maintain. Accomplishing these feats is no accident. It’s the result of our skills, experience and consistency in arriving at solutions that really work.


No matter which Neotech services you choose, rest assured that we will perform quality work, honor all time and cost commitments, and uphold the highest ethical and moral standards in all of our business practices.

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