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Technology Focus
Today’s visionary businesses want to create new business opportunities by focusing on the emerging Mobile Information Society. Consumers are quickly demanding all information and entertainment they want when they want it, delivered on–demand to whichever device is nearest to them! For such a remarkably evolving environment, Neotech foresees the need for a new breed of portable devices and software applications that will accomplish this, by enabling office and home automation, unified content delivery, distributed remote work locations, and wireless and online communication fusion.

Neotech services are centered on emerging technology product design, systems software development, systems integration, process automation, and application integration for business automation. Our business automation applications involve the use of electronics devices like: POS, bar code readers, document scanners, RFID, vision and display products, ESL, smart card readers, access control systems, movement sensors, timers, GPS, wireless devices, computer telephone interfaces, PABX, ACD, IVR, and Internet / Intranet products.

Neotech has been quite vocal in advocating application integration in the industry, and end-to-end information flow pipe lines across multiple applications. Through its fully owned business unit Ecopro, Inc, we are able to provide integrated on-demand information access ECM and BPM platforms that streamlines business processes, enables on-line transaction processing along with information sharing across multiple applications for improved productivity and operational efficiency.

To avoid many of the proprietary patent and licensing issues and work with our fellow colleagues on innovative solutions, Neotech supports open source adoption wherever possible.
     We welcome you to explore our following technology-focused
     service areas
    • Electronic Product Design
    • ASIC, FPGA, SOC Chip Design
    • Embedded applications
    • Wireless and IPCom
    • Advanced UI Design
    • Process Automation
    • Location and Situation Aware Solution
    • Home Automation
    • Medical Devices
    • Video, Vision, Solutions
    • E-Business, ECM and BPM
    • Open Source Adoption
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